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Innovative in portable power station Engineering and Manufacturing Services


Innovative in portable power station Engineering and Manufacturing Services


Product Planning

Market Research / Proposal Set The Target Market.

Business clients' need \ Consumvorite \ Trend Lead.



Technology Combination Products Create a Great Product Experience.

Enables High Inverter Conversion Output and Fast Charge Input.


Production Control

Safety Protection Strict QC Inspection.

Production\ Mass Manufacturing.


OEM/ODM Service

One-stop Service Provide The Global Network.

To Support Our Customer Brand's Growth.

  We started in 2009. It was the time when the lithium-ion battery industry was at its initial stage. We are one of the pioneers in the industry that has achieved many milestones in product development, innovation, safety, longer lifespan, and various other things. With that being said, we have vast experience in making lithium-ion battery packs and related products, including portable power stations.

  We understand customers’ requirements and are ready to make everything according to the wishes and desires of the customer. To date, we have silently supported 30 startups, brands, and businesses and made specialized and customized products as they wanted.

Research and Development

From day one, we have strived to make lithium-ion technology better and better. With our continuous research and development, we have made battery packs for MP3 players, speakers, two-wheel vehicles, and other products.

We have mastered NCM lithium-ion batteries and have used them in a wide range of products. We have achieved better life cycles and reliability of the batteries. Our R&D team is still working to make the products better and better.

We also have experience in making LiFePO4 batteries that are suitable for our high-power-rated portable power stations. We are constantly working to bring the best to the market at a reasonable price.

To date, we have been awarded 10+ patents and applied for more than 100 patents. The number is still increasing as we are eager to bring more innovation and the latest technology to the market.

Our R&D Team

We have a team of 30 high-qualified and experienced R&D engineers that are from top-notch universities. All of them have experience in making lithium-ion batteries. With our constant research and development, we have made a name in the industry and outranked many competitors in various markets.

Our team understands the customer demands and the international standards. The members strive to bring better technology to support the development of new battery packs, portable power stations, and other products. Our aim is to offer safe, reliable, excellent, and economical products to the businesses so that they can create a reliable brand and company. Our R&D team is constantly working to achieve the goal.

OEM and ODM Services

We offer OEM and ODM services to customers. Our wide and massive experience in the industry allows us to facilitate customers with optimal quality products of their choice.

As an OEM manufacturer, we can do everything from scratch according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The buyer can provide us with the details and requirements, and we begin designing and product development to achieve the desired goals, features, and requirements. We have industry experts that take everything into consideration. We keep international standards along with the requirements of the buyers. The final product is the same as the customer wants, and amendments can also be made if requested. We can make any type of portable power station and battery packs for customers. The customers only need to convey to us what they want, and we will do the rest.

In our ODM service, buyers can leave everything to us. We understand the industry standards, international regulations, and what customers want. We do everything on our own and provide the buyer with the optimal quality product. The products are customized, and branding is done. Thus, no one will be able to know whether the product was made by the seller or a third-party company.

Quality Assurance Team

We have a dedicated Quality Assurance team of 40 members that keeps an eye on the quality. The members check each and every product before it is shipped. We ensure everything is up to the mark and according to the international quality and safety standards. We do not compromise on the quality at any cost. We give utmost importance to quality assurance, which is why our products are backed by a reliable repair and exchange warranty.

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