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  • 12V 100ah lifepo4 box battery Suitable for RVs and golf carts


    BD 12V 100Ah battery is a lead-acid case, Lithium iron phosphate battery. The battery cell used is LFP 3.2V 100Ah, connected to 4S1P. The rated voltage is 12.8V, with standard charging and discharging voltage cutoff protection. The standard charging current is 20A (0.2C), and the maximum charging current is ≤ 100A (1C); The standard discharge current is 50A (0.5C), and the maximum discharge current is ≤ 100A (1C). Long cycle life, up to 3500 cycles. Secondly, BMS also has a protection system to protect it from overcharging, national defense, short circuits, and high temperatures, ensuring the installation and use of the battery.
    Mainly used for RV power supply, electric vehicle power supply, emergency reserve power supply, solar energy base stations, etc. Can meet people’s effective use of it.

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  • 24V 100A lithium iron phosphate battery lifepo4 For Golf Car OEM/ODM


    BD24-100 is a compact and high-energy-density phosphate iron lithium battery with a capacity of 2.4kWh. Strictly tested, its lifespan exceeds 6000 cycles of charging and discharging, making it an excellent choice for applications such as home energy storage systems, commercial energy storage systems, and solar energy storage systems. BD24-100 supports unlimited serial and parallel connections, offering users greater flexibility and convenience. Whether used as part of an independent energy system or integrated with existing systems, BD24-100 provides a reliable and long-lasting energy storage solution.

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  • OEM 12V/24V 200ah lithium/lifepo4 box Battery Pack Manufacturer


    BD-12-200 is a lithium iron phosphate battery pack, which is an improvement based on the shell of lead-acid batteries and adopts a 4-series integrated design. It uses single large-capacity square cells and has a cycle life of over 6000 times. It has a wide range of applications in fields such as solar energy storage systems and electric vehicles, providing reliable and long-lasting power for these applications.

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