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Short Description:

Model BD48100P05 is a wall-mounted home energy storage with built-in BMS protection. Through MSDS, UN38.3 and other qualification certificates. It uses lifepo4 batteries, which are brand new grade A batteries with a capacity of 5.22Kwh, a long cycle life and a high state of health. With EU, US,UK and other specifications, with Wire socket, logo customization and many other services. photovoltaic energy storage can be applied to a variety of products such as household energy storage and photovoltaic energy storage. Wall mounted energy storage product design, interface with safety protection design and switch equipment, easy to install. Can meet our household electricity demand.

Basic Parameters

  • Name: BD048100P05
  • ominal voltage: 48v
  • Standard capacity: 105Ah lithium battery
  • battery type: Lifepo4
  • Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
  • Product Detail

    Product Parameters

    Product Tags

    Residential Energy Storage System



    1. Real-time monitoring: monitoring of battery discharge status, charging status, battery capacity, remaining time for discharge, charging current and voltage, temperature, and other parameters.

    2. Remote control: remote real-time monitoring, remote parameter setting, remote control of charging and discharging, remote upgrading of the system software.

    3. User-friendly design: easy to install, compact design, touch screen operation, visual display of all parameters, easy to read and understand user manual.

    4. Warranty: long-term warranty and after-sales service, technical support from the manufacturer.




    Maximum capacity is 5120Wh Smaller volume gets more battery life

    lilifepo4 battery

    Super stable lilifepo4 lithium battery chemistry, 6000+ cycle life

    The communication

    The communication interface is CAN/RS485

    48V Base

    Easy to measure: can be connected in parallel to 48V base

    Wall mounted design

    saves more space and is also beneficial for daily maintenance

    Sheet metal shell

    with longer service life and long-lasting suspension that is not easily deformed

    BMS intelligent management system,

    accurately control the number of charging and discharge of each battery cell, and monitor the battery life.

    Class A battery cell

    Use grade A brand new cells,long cycle life and higestate of health


    BD048100P05 Adopting a wall mounted design, it maximizes power support without affecting the use of your space. Our product adopts a full A category lithium-ion battery cell with a cycle life of up to 6000+times, and also supports a 10-year warranty to ensure your maximum rights.


    What certificates do you have?
    Different country have different certificates standard. Our battry can meet CE, CB, CEB, FCC, ROHS, UL, PSE, SAA, UN38.3, MSDA,IEC, etc… Please tell our sales what certificate you need when sending inquiry to us.
    Do you offer OEM/OEM service?
    Yes, we support OEM/ODM service, like logo customization or developing product function.
    Which inverter brands are compatible with your batteries?
    Our batteries can match with 90% different inverter brand of the market, such as Victron, SMA, GoodWe, Growatt, Ginlong, Deye, Sofar Solar, Voltronic Power,SRNE, SoroTec Power, MegaRevo, ect...

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  • Model BD048100P05
    Battery Type LiFePO4
    Capacity 100AH
    Weight 50KG
    Dimension 443*152*603mm
    IP Grade IP21
    Battery Max
    Charge&Discharge Continuous Power
    DOD @25℃ >90%
    Rated Voltage 51.2V
    Working Voltage Range 42V~58.4V
    Designed Cycles Life ≥6000cls
    Standard Continuous
    Charge & Discharge Current
    Max Charging
    Continuous & Discharging Current
    Discharge Temperature Range -10~50℃
    Charging Temperature Range 0℃-50℃
    Communication Mode CAN,RS485
    Compatible Inverter Victron/ SMA / GROWATT / GOODWE/SOLIS/ DEYE/ SOFAR/ Voltronic /Luxpower
    Maximum Number of Parallel 16
    Cooling Mode Natural Cooling
    Warranty 10 Years
    Certification UN38.3、MSDS、CE、UL1973、IEC62619(Cell&Pack)
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