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  • BD48100L05 solar power system station home for solar farm


    BD048100L05 is a solar power system station home for solar farm. It adopts a brand-new A-grade battery cell to achieve more than 6000 cycles, and the warranty is as long as 10 years. The battery specification is rated voltage (V) 3.2, rated capacity (AH) is 50AH, charge discharge rated is 0.5, and the battery size is 149*40*100.5mm.
    The energy capacity of BD048100L05 is 5.12kwh, the nominal voltage is 102.4V, the operation voltage range is 94.4-113.6V, the protection grade is IP65, and the weight reaches 105.5kg per layer. It adopts a white sheet metal high-end shell with a size of 424*593*355mm. The installation method is floor installation.It is stacked by several 51.2v lifepo4 lithium battery, and an inverter can be placed on the top, making it an all in one home energy storage system, equivalent to a small power station, suitable for factories and farms , small engineering, emergency backup power, and home energy storage and other scenarios.The important thing is that our stacked lithium batteries can also change their original voltage and capacity by connecting in series and parallel. Up to 16 lithium batteries can be connected in parallel, which is very suitable for solar energy systems, so that we can reserve more for the residents of some countries that lack power energy for emergencies.


    • Maximum capacity is 5120Wh
    • Super stable lilifepo4 lithium battery chemistry, 6000+ cycle life
    • The communication interface is CAN/RS485
    • Store humidity:10%RH~90%RH
    • Easy to measure: can be connected in parallel to 48V base
    • Compatibility: Compatible with Tier 1 inverter brands
    • SizeEast compact installation: modular design for quick installation
    • High energy cost: long life cycle and good performance
    • Safety: Smart BMS is safer

    Basic Parameters

    • Name : BD048100L05
    • Nominal voltage : 48v
    • Standard capacity : Lifepo4 3.2V 105Ah lithium battery
    • Output Waveform : Pure Sine Wave
  • BD48100R05 LiFePO4 Battery Solar Home Energy Storage Systems


    BD48100R05 U rack mounted energy storage battery adopts long-life and environment-friendly Lithium iron phosphate battery, and is equipped with high-performance BMS to effectively manage the battery cells. Compared with traditional batteries, it has more extensive performance and application advantages.
    The battery used in this product is LFP 3.2V 102Ah, with a total of 16 cells used in series and parallel. The available capacity is 5.1KWh, the rated voltage is 51.2v, the Standard charge and discharge current is 50A, and the Max charge and discharge current is 100A. BMS protection has the following protection functions: Overall voltage protection, cell voltage protection, charge overcurrent protection, discharge overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, cell temperature protection, ambient temperature protection, MOS high performance protection, cell voltage difference protection, balanced function.
    Rack mounted products are compatible with 90% of inverters on the market, such as Victron/SMA/GROWATT/GOODWE/
    SOLIS/PLONTECH/DEYE/SODAR/SRNE/Voltronicpower/Luxpowertek/SORUIDE/Megarevo, ect. Supports off grid and grid connection. Easy to install, meeting the needs of the entire household’s energy storage system.


    • Battery Capacity: 5Kwh
    • Life Cycles≥4000cls
    • Working voltage range: 42 V~58.4V
    • Standard charge and discharge current: 100A

    Basic Parameters

    • Name: BD048100R05
    • Rated voltage:51.2V
    • Standard Capacity: Lithium iron phosphate (LFP)
    • Output Waveform:Pure Sine Wave
  • Household Energy Storage Lithium Battery Manufacturers household solar battery 2.5kw


    BD024100R025 is a household photovoltaic energy storage battery that adopts advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology. It has a power output of 2.5 kilowatts, suitable for household energy storage needs. This battery has outstanding cycle life, with a theoretical lifespan of over 6000 cycles, providing durable and reliable energy supply to users.

    The battery features a lightweight yet sturdy sheet metal casing design, ensuring both strength and portability. Additionally, BD024100R025 employs a stackable design, supporting a maximum of 16 parallel connections, offering users greater flexibility and scalability. Equipped with an intelligent BMS (Battery Management System), BD024100R025 effectively monitors battery status and provides multiple protection mechanisms, ensuring safe operation. With support for CAN/RS485 communication protocol, seamless integration with other systems enables real-time monitoring and management of battery dynamic.

    Basic Parameters

  • Stacked Integrated Household Energy Storage Lifepo4 Lithium Battery With Inverter Integrated 5kw-90kw


    BDF048L05-2205 adopts a stacked design, integrating inverter and battery. Supports up to 16 sets of batteries in parallel and up to 90KW of electrical energy storage. It can simultaneously meet the requirements of household electricity and electric vehicle charging.

    We use the brand new LiFePO4 Lithium Battery design, and for the safety of you and your family, we always adhere to the same quality.

    Basic Parameters

  • 10KW-15KW High voltage wall mounted home photovoltaic energy storage Lifepo4 battery 180V-280V


    The Elebox-HVT utilizes Lifepo4 batteries, which are known for their high voltage and large capacity. It supports a maximum voltage output of 280V and has a maximum capacity of 15kw. This makes it suitable for various applications, including homes, where it can provide reliable energy storage solutions.

    With its wall-mounted design, the Elebox-HVT can be easily installed on the wall. This not only saves floor space but also maintains a consistent aesthetic with the overall decor. Whether used in residential settings or other applications, the Elebox-HVT is capable of meeting users’ needs and providing them with convenient and efficient energy storage services.

    Basic Parameters

  • Home Energy storage solar Lifepo4 battery 48V 5KW ODM/OEM Manufacturers


    BD048100R05 utilizes advanced lithium iron phosphate battery technology with a capacity of 5kW, ensuring efficient energy conversion and excellent safety performance. Its unique mortise and tenon stacking structure design makes installation easy and reliable, supporting up to 16 parallel layers for expanding energy storage needs. With a cycle life of over 6000 times, it provides sustainable and stable power supply for various everyday household and emergency scenarios. BD048100R05 is your reliable energy solution.

    Basic Parameters

  • Residential Household Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery 100V 5KW OEM/ODM


    BD BOX-HV it We have introduced a stackable high-voltage residential energy storage battery system with a single-layer voltage of 102V and a capacity of 5.12kWh, which can be combined with up to 16 layers. It utilizes CAN and RS485 communication protocols, making it compatible with the majority of inverters available on the market, ensuring seamless integration. We offer a 10-year warranty to provide you with peace of mind when using our product.

    Basic Parameters

  • Household solar energy Storage Lifepo4 Battery 48V 3.4KW


    BD04867P034 is a 3.4kw home energy storage solar battery, designed with a lightweight sheet metal housing weighing only 34kg. It features a wall-mounted installation method for easy maintenance and utilizes LiFePO4 battery cells, supporting 1C charge and discharge rates with a lifespan of over 6000 cycles.

    Whether you’re looking to lead a greener lifestyle, reduce electricity expenses, or have a backup power source, BD04867P034 is the ideal choice for your household. Its advanced technology and high performance guarantee durable reliability while reducing dependence on traditional power sources. Start harnessing the unlimited power of the sun with BD04867P034 and bring a brighter future to your home.

    Basic Parameters

  • 2.5KWh home solar and battery BESS-Residential Storage Batteries


    The BD024100P025 is equipped with a high-performance BMS, which can efficiently control the battery cells, with high cycle times and long service life.Based on industrial application requirements, BD024100P025 has a unique design for compatibility, energy efficiency, power efficiency, safety, control and product appearance, users can experience efficient energy storage applications.

    Basic Parameters
  • Wall mounted 10KW Residential Energy Storage Lifepo4 Battery BD048200P10


    for daily energy storage. The capacity of model BD48100P10 is 10kWh, which can power a typical home for several hours. It is designed to be compatible with most solar panel systems and can be connected as a backup power supply in case of blackouts or emergencies. The built-in BMS protection ensures safety and reliability by monitoring the battery’s performance and preventing overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. The wall-mounted design saves space and makes installation easy. With its long life span and high safety standards, model BD48100P10 is an excellent choice for households looking for reliable and efficient energy storage solutions.

    Basic Parameters

  • Residential Energy Storage Lifepo4 Battery Wall mounted 5KW BD048100P05


    Model BD48100P05 is a wall-mounted home energy storage with built-in BMS protection. Through MSDS, UN38.3 and other qualification certificates. It uses lifepo4 batteries, which are brand new grade A batteries with a capacity of 5.22Kwh, a long cycle life and a high state of health. With EU, US,UK and other specifications, with Wire socket, logo customization and many other services. photovoltaic energy storage can be applied to a variety of products such as household energy storage and photovoltaic energy storage. Wall mounted energy storage product design, interface with safety protection design and switch equipment, easy to install. Can meet our household electricity demand.

    Basic Parameters

  • BD048100L05 Residential Energy Storage System Stacked 5KW


    BD048100L05 standard battery system unit. Customers can choose a specific number of  BD048100L05 according to their needs, and create a battery pack with a large capacity through the integration process to meet the long-term power needs of users. This product is especially suitable for energy saving use with high temperature operation, small installation space, long energy saving time and long service life.

    Basic Parameters

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