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BD48314W16 Home Solar Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery – Ushering in a New Era of Green Home Energy!

BD048300W16 16KW household solar energy storage battery


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Imagine a world where, on sunny days, your home not only relies on clean energy for self-sufficiency but also becomes the envy of your neighbors during power outages. The BD48314W16 Home Solar Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery is the magical key to making this dream a reality! This highly efficient, safe, and convenient product will revolutionize your home's energy usage, allowing you to step into a new era of green, environmentally-friendly, and low-carbon living.

1. Superb Core Performance

The BD48314W16 utilizes a 16.12KWH lithium iron phosphate battery cell with a large capacity, high energy density, and a cycle life of over 6,000 cycles, ensuring a usage time that easily exceeds ten years. Whether for daily home use or outdoor camping, it provides stable and reliable power support, truly fulfilling the promise of "buy once, enjoy for life."

2. Unparalleled Safety

In terms of battery safety, the BD48314W16 is equipped with an advanced BMS (Battery Management System) that provides multiple safety functions such as overcharge protection, overvoltage protection, power-off protection, and over-discharge protection. Even in extreme conditions, it ensures the safe and stable operation of the battery. Additionally, its pure sine wave output ensures the stable operation of electrical equipment, preventing damage from voltage fluctuations.

3. Thoughtful Convenient Design

The BD48314W16 boasts a sturdy sheet metal exterior, ensuring excellent impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it features a forklift support design, allowing you to move the battery anywhere you need it, seamlessly adapting to your home's balcony, yard, or outdoor camping site.

4. Efficient Charging and Discharging Capabilities

The BD48314W16 supports a maximum continuous charging and discharging current of 200A, with a standard continuous charging and discharging current of 150A. This ensures sufficient power supply even when high electricity demand is required in a short period. Its efficient charging and discharging capabilities maintain battery stability during use, extending its lifespan.

5. Wide Compatibility and Long-term Warranty

The BD48314W16 is compatible with various inverter brands, including Victron, MUST, GROWATT, GOODWE, and more, meeting your different configuration needs. Additionally, we offer a long-term warranty of up to 10 years for your peace of mind.

6. International Authoritative Certifications

The BD48314W16 has obtained numerous international authoritative certifications such as UN38.3, MSDS, CE, UL1973, and IEC62619 (Cell & Pack), ensuring the product's quality and safety.

In conclusion, the BD48314W16 Home Solar Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery, with its superior performance, reliable safety features, and thoughtful design, is the ideal choice for your home's green energy needs. Let's embrace a green, environmentally-friendly, and low-carbon future together!


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Post time: Jun-28-2024

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