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The difference between 18650 power lithium batteries and ordinary lithium batteries

The difference between 18650 power lithium batteries and ordinary lithium batteries

The 18650 power lithium battery is a type of lithium-ion battery with model number 18650, which is mainly used for equipment and tools that provide high power output.

The difference between it and ordinary lithium batteries is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Usage: 18650 power lithium batteries are mainly used in high power equipment and tools, such as power tools, electric vehicles and other devices that require large amounts of energy output. Ordinary lithium batteries are more often used in low-power electronic devices, such as alarm clocks, remote controls, flashlights and so on.

Capacity and power: 18650 power lithium batteries generally have larger capacity and higher power output capability, which can provide longer usage time and higher current output. Ordinary lithium batteries usually have smaller capacity and power.

Size and shape: 18650 power lithium batteries are named after the specification "18650" in its name, which is about 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm in length, and is cylindrical in shape. Ordinary lithium batteries have a variety of specifications and shapes, such as cylindrical, square, flat and so on.

Charge and discharge performance: 18650 power lithium batteries usually have better charge/discharge performance, and can absorb and release electricity more quickly. Ordinary lithium batteries have relatively weak charging and discharging performance.

It should be noted that different brands and models of batteries may differ in performance and characteristics, the above is the difference in general.


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for daily energy storage. The capacity of model BD48100P10 is 10kWh, which can power a typical home for several hours.

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The model BD-700A has a dual AC socket design, a maximum power output capacity of 1200Wh, a maximum output power of 700W, and an actual battery capacity of 710.4Wh.

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BD 12V 100Ah battery is a lead-acid case, Lithium iron phosphate battery.

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