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  • Industrial Ternary Lithium 18650 Battery Pack 2200mAh 22.2V Vacuum Cleaner Lithium Battery Pack

    18650 6S1P

    The BICODI electric wrench battery is a versatile power source that can power multiple tools and equipment, such as angle grinders, drills, hammers, saws, and more. Its installation process is simple and efficient, thanks to its protective board features, including overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, and overtemperature protection.

    This battery boasts high-quality ternary lithium cells and has a 22.2V voltage, providing extended run times and versatility, making it compatible with various electric tools. Another advantage is the battery’s downward compatibility, making it practical for users looking for a reliable power source for older models.

    Basic Parameters:

    • Battery pack model : 18650 6S1P
    • Nominal Voltage : 22.2V
    • Nominal Capacity : 2200mAh
    • Battery Model : 18650
  • Industrial ternary lithium 18650 battery pack 3000mAh 18.5V electric drill, saw board car lithium battery pack

    Battery Pack 18650 5S2P

    The BICODI electric wrench battery supports various tools and equipment, such as angle grinders, hammers, drills, saws, and more. The protection board comes with overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, and overtemperature protection, making installation simple. The product uses ternary lithium cells, with a voltage of 18.5V, and can be downwardly compatible with various electric tools.

    Basic Parameters

    • Battery pack model : 18650 5S2P
    • Nominal Voltage : 18.5V
    • Nominal Capacity : 3000mAh
    • Battery Model : 18650


  • Wall mounted 10KW Residential Energy Storage Lifepo4 Battery BD048200P10


    for daily energy storage. The capacity of model BD48100P10 is 10kWh, which can power a typical home for several hours. It is designed to be compatible with most solar panel systems and can be connected as a backup power supply in case of blackouts or emergencies. The built-in BMS protection ensures safety and reliability by monitoring the battery’s performance and preventing overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. The wall-mounted design saves space and makes installation easy. With its long life span and high safety standards, model BD48100P10 is an excellent choice for households looking for reliable and efficient energy storage solutions.

    Basic Parameters

  • Residential Energy Storage Lifepo4 Battery Wall mounted 5KW BD048100P05


    Model BD48100P05 is a wall-mounted home energy storage with built-in BMS protection. Through MSDS, UN38.3 and other qualification certificates. It uses lifepo4 batteries, which are brand new grade A batteries with a capacity of 5.22Kwh, a long cycle life and a high state of health. With EU, US,UK and other specifications, with Wire socket, logo customization and many other services. photovoltaic energy storage can be applied to a variety of products such as household energy storage and photovoltaic energy storage. Wall mounted energy storage product design, interface with safety protection design and switch equipment, easy to install. Can meet our household electricity demand.

    Basic Parameters

  • BD048100L05 Residential Energy Storage System Stacked 5KW


    BD048100L05 standard battery system unit. Customers can choose a specific number of  BD048100L05 according to their needs, and create a battery pack with a large capacity through the integration process to meet the long-term power needs of users. This product is especially suitable for energy saving use with high temperature operation, small installation space, long energy saving time and long service life.

    Basic Parameters

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